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      Since the DAWN OF TIME human beings have coveted their magical meat boxes that they carry in their heads. These boxes provide the humans with many important services, such as THOUGHTS, DREAMS, and HAPPY CHEMICALS. One of the magical meat box's favorite things is NUMBERS.

      NUMBERS are something the magic meat box made up to keep track of things that it likes to think about. OVER TIME the magic meat box thought more and more about NUMBERS and less about the things it was using numbers to KEEP TRACK OF. This resulted in the magic meat box learning to ENJOY numbers above all else and release HAPPY CHEMICALS when the numbers that it thought about got LARGER.

      HUMANS found many methods to EXPLOIT this phenomenomenomenon for their OWN SINISTER gAIns. These MEthods go by MANY NAMES, incluDING-DING-DING:

          - socIAL MEDIA.

          - FREEZING cold ROCK hard CASH.

          - aiet.itch.io/integer

      AND nOW another method has ARRIVED. I have creATEd a machine to SATISFY you, oh mighty MAGIC MEAT BOX. my machine includes MANY things designed to DELIGHT and induce the release of HAPPY HAPPY CHEMICALS.

      for your consideration, please consider the following Graphical Interchange Format file depicting BRIGHTLY COLORED ORBs. I assure you that these ORBs make a SUPREMEly addicting clickety-clackety-CLICKETY-clackety-click sound when colliding with their surroundings.

      ALL THAT IS REQUIRED of you, OH MAgic meat box, in order to expERIENCE the delightful sound of these ORBS is to DOWNLOAD my MAcHINE and begin playing.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Clicker, GameMaker, Horror, Idle, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, weird
Average sessionAbout an hour


integer.zip 9 MB


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It's definitely worth playing!

I noticed that the cord is displayed behind the numbers and not in front of them.

my cord is stuck on the right side of the screen


I honestly can't figure out where the second digit is! Like, the locations are interesting for each number--who expects one above The Number, for example? Or right by the cord?

I just can't seem to find one, though. I saw you mentioning where some are to another person with the same pains as me, but those ones were surprisingly easy for me to find beforehand.

Basically, help would be appreciated! And no matter what, thanks for this little machine you've made!

a month ago, but just for every one new it's under the fifth digit ..... which is 9


definitely a fun little game, but i can't say the idle tag is fitting here


FuN and satisfying. The random capitalization is making mE paRanoid. I look forwarD to a sequel.

One of the most creative idle games that I've played, great job buddy.

Good game, the sound also good. Overall the game is satifying and have some sort of trick in the puzzle number.

Wow, worth it

i need a longer version of this game


it was worth it.

Very satisfying, and for what it is, it's an excellent game

i dont know if it was worth it but... i enjoyed it. i enjoyed it a lot. my magic meat box has received it's happy chemicals, and i hope this comment does the same for yours :D

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Hey I just wanted to thank you for your post "Cannot read property 'build' of undefined - POSSIBLE SOLUTION" from a while ago. It is too old so it won't let me reply to you, but your solution fixed the issue I have been trying to fix for hours. It is really frustrating that nobody explained it for something so simple, but thanks to you it is now resolved, so much appreciated!

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This was enjoyable but I have an issue with this game: it ended. I really wish it were longer and by that I mean much longer, with more things to do. I was hoping that after the code was submitted that it was a sort of "prestige" or some such.

Anyway, GG. Just too bad it was short.

Edit: Also, I really like that it was sort of creepy and dark.


i am GLAD that you enjoyed what was there. more is planNEd, though perhaps after other projects currently being worked on are FINISHED.

I'm stuck because I don't understand what do I have to put on the digicode. But the game is really fin, saddly I can't figure out how to continue, which is a problem I guess

I had fun. One minor bug that I didn't notice anyone else mention: If you click the button to put an orb in the number generating tank at the same time that the previous orb leaves the tank (there's about a .75-1 second window, so masterful reflexes not needed) the sound of the electricity does not play until you put the next orb in the tank.


damn this game is fun, i especially love the part where i yank on the machines cord for a looooong time. Very much looking forward to more ^w^


Amazing concept, I love the idea of adding a puzzle into the mix. Great fun. The dev also found a way to (mostly) eradicate the autoclicker method, which I found entertaining.

I must say, it absolutely was worth it.


i GREATLY appreciate this peeeeeeek into your MAGIC MEAT BOX.


twas inteRESTING

twas KIND of you to SAY.


Hard to rate game. The gameplay is great!

But the user friendliness not. I had to open/close the game several times because it opened in a small window instead of fullscreen. 

Closing the app is also not simple. I had to use task manager to close it, because of lack of the whole close, minimalize, maximalize buttons strip.

Maybe this would not be a problem if I could change to fullscreen manaually but it wasn't an option too. I find it annoying that alt+enter doesn't toggle fullscreen.

Try pressing f1? If not, idk.

Interesting experience couldn't finish it because my chain got stuck but I think I got far.


The pully thang just got stuck out side the invisible barrier when I yeeted it to hard



it was a really good game,i engoyed playing it !
bur i feel like my arm is dead


the numbers GROW almost as fast as your MUSCLES


I made the number


just as the NUMBERs made us.


that was such a great game. i would love to see a sequel

there are BIGGER things on the BETTER way, but the numbers willnot can NOT be FROGotten


Thank you for this treat of tasty numbers


of course. the numbers ENJOY being inside your HEAD.


Good Numbers, very enjoyable game


Great Game. 


great COMMENT, player. appreciated.

i cant save progress and cant start all over again every time i play


yes, that is a WEAK SPOT of the machine. i figURED that I had made it SSHHOORRTT enough that saving would not be NECESSARY, but i'm sure its still an ANNOYANCE. 



Really well done experience! The visuals and atmosphere were great and it made the whole thing feel quite "tactile" if that makes any sense. One thing though, I couldn't find the 2nd digit for the life of me and ended up brute forcing it. Where was I supposed to find it if you don't mind me asking?


'tactile' is my FAVORITE word to use in DESCRIBING my machine. many THANKS.

my RAM is limited, i cannot seem to reMemember off the TOP or BOTTOM of my heads where the second digit is HIDING. perhaps i will ask it. perhaps PERHAPS it is one of the TWO that most seem to TROUBLE humans, one is iN the GENERAL VICINITY of the only button that can TOGGLE and the OTHER is near the UPPER ennndddddd of the ORBS.


thanks, my arm hurts now. >:(


as i underSTAND it, the human body ENJOYS exercise. you are most WELCOME for the opportunity.


fun game it's nice to see people doing new things i'm curious how long did this take to make?


i spent ABOUT A WEEK building this machine, it was a FUN week. i APPRECIATE the video.


i can't SEEM to figure out the PUZLE


you might have to SEARCH in the DARKNESS for a little while.


thanks mysterious voice inside my head


What a great game, it would be really cool to have an ARG around this game.


i have thought about this MANY TIMES. something similar may yet come to be.




Got a little ways in and managed to get my ORBS stuck, I think I was spamming upgrade with a full container of them and they managed to wedge each other away from the consumption zone.

I like the concept a lot though, and I'm definitely going to give it another shot!


while creating this machine i tried MANY TIMES to get the orbs STUCK. i was FOOLISH enough to think i had made an ORB-GETTING-STUCK-PROOF MACHINE. it seems you have proven me WRONG. i am humbled.


Nice game, it was worth a try


What a lame assessment. This game is amazing. An absolute standout in the incremental genre.

What a lame human being you are.

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i appreciate BOTH FORMS OF PRAISE EQUALLY. i am grateful that MULTIPLE meat boxes found ENJOYABLE FEELINGS in my machine. i would be even MORE GRATEFUL if those meat boxes were KIND to each other.


Okay, you definitely didn't play it to the end, else you'd get the reference. I Also reported you, calling other persons "lame human beings" doesn't make you someone good.

Deleted 1 year ago

Did I actually  ask anything to you ? Does it please you if I say you are but a lame being ? What is wrong with you ?

oh sorry


ok and I hope you know your report did absolutely nothing. and I still think you are a lame human being.

i win :)

The window is so tiny I can't read the white text and figure out how to even start the game...


Hmm, it shouldn't even be in a window to begin with, it's supposed to be only fullscreen. Odd. I'll see if I can fix it. At the very least I'll make the text scale for readability on smaller screens/windows.



Had to restart cuz the pull cord glitched...


I APOLOGIZE. the cord does not enjoy being swung around. i will look into ways to make it BEHAVE.


Nice Graphics did you do them your self?


Thank you! Yes indeed, I made everything myself.

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